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In addition to the above diamonds, Rolex also uses diamonds and rubies of varying carats to dress up its dials and bezels. Some of these dials feature single tone rose gold, and others feature deep brown or black inlays. Other than the bezels, which can be solid colored, some of these dials have Arabic numerical numbering, which can make these watches seem more modern. In addition to the bezels and dials, these fine watches include other features such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other natural minerals.

For those who prefer a little less bling, iced out rolex for cheap provides a host of other diamonds and precious stones which will complement any of their fine timepieces. Some of these features include bezel/datelinks, which can be solid diamonds, or they can be made from mother of pearl, which creates a very striking effect. Another popular feature which Rolex innovates is the “rils”, or the band of links that connect the hour markers on the two bezels of the watch. These are set so that the diamonds are always visible, even when the case is closed. Other features that are available are the movable hands, or crowns, which are made from sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, and which allow the wearer to easily change the face or hands of the watch. One feature that Rolex innovated for its ladies watches was the “horns” which provide an excellent way to change the face of the watch without having to take off the case.

All gem-set watches contain diamonds and gemstones which are securely secured in place through the use of metal prongs or casings. Typically, these metal casings are designed to protect the gems from accidental scratches and blemishes that might occur when a delicate jewelry item such as a diamond watch is exposed to the air. Custom Iced Out Rolex Watches, uses one of these protective casings, with the diamonds and gemstones located in the raised ring on the inside of the watch. This allows the ladies’ version of Rolex to be versatile enough to be worn with virtually any dress, while still maintaining the elegant design of the original models.

All three of these models are produced in stainless steel, providing an elegant and rugged design that is both useful and striking at the same time. The stainless steel construction of these watches makes them suitable for daily wear and gives the ladies an extensive range of fashion accessories from which to choose. As a reminder, Rolex manufactures more than just “Iced Out” models, they also produce an exquisite line of fine watches for men and women.

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