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Want A Mellow Kush With Tropical Fruity Flavor? Try Banana Kush

Tropical Fruity Flavor

Chill kush

Imagine this. You had a long day at work. You were late, to begin with. You have beaten multiple restricting deadlines your boss had set. You had a pretty intense meeting with your demanding clients. You were stuck for an ungodly amount of time in a traffic jam on your way home. But now you are home and there is nothing more you want than to rest and relax and have the last remaining hours of the day for yourself lounging on your couch and smoking kush. You would probably want a mellow kush with chill vibes. You would want a relaxing hit with every puff and want to doze off to dreamland afloat a euphoria cloud. What you need is Banana Kush.

Fruity smell, tree flavor

The smell of the kush is an important factor that can decide the overall effect of your kush and there is nothing more relaxing than having that fruity undertone that comes with your every puff. Fresh fruity flavor with the smell of freshly cut bushel of bananas is what you will get with every smoke. Banana Kush is unique in this regard in that you will be hard-pressed to find another genetic strain of hybrid kush having an entirely different fruit smell after every intake.

Mellow THC levels

THC and CBD and CBG levels are the main deciding factor on how your kush affects you. High levels of THC with low levels of CBD would most likely impart an intensely relaxing feeling with a proportional extreme sense of euphoria. While low levels of THC and high CBD would likely impart a binging feeling of hunger, triggering munchies. Banana kush has mid-levels of THC to further aid in that mellow, chill vibes with just the right sense of euphoria preventing you from laughing uncontrollably. This hybrid variant imparts also a very relaxing sense to its smokers, the type of relaxation that will confine you to a couch feeling so eased up with all your tensions. CBD levels, proportionately, are low to mid-level preventing you from having uncontrollable munchies that often ruin the relaxation, chill vibes. Banana Kush is perfect if you want to end your very hard day and ease into the next one.

Genetic strain

Banana kush genetic strain is achieved by crossing Ghost OG and skunk haze genetic variants. Ghost OG is famously known for being the perfect genetic strain for its relaxing effects and strong citrusy smell and taste. While Skunk Haze is highly valued for its medicinal value because of its CBD levels being higher than its THC value. Together they create the perfect blend of THC and CBD and CBG levels that produces the right buzz without negative cerebral effects. This perfect combination accounts for this genetic variant’s far and wide fame.

Planting, growing, flowering, and harvesting info

Like most kush, Banana kush does not require any special treatment with its growth. It is not a tender plant and would most likely survive with just enough care; adequate water and enough sunlight are enough to ensure this plant’s survival. It would require 8 to 9 weeks from planting to harvesting if you are growing it indoors or in a greenhouse. You have to be mindful, though, to let the plant receive a steady, constant flow of light. If you are growing it out in the fields, flowering and harvesting usually occur around October if the weather conditions are met which is warm and sunny. A primary factor in Banana kush’s fame and wide-spreading is probably due to its relatively easy growing needs and also its resistance to most diseases and pests that plague other kush genetic variants.

Best used for

Banana Kush is perfect for ending a hectic day. It will produce a buzz that is just right after stressful events, not too euphoric but just enough for you to ease up the tensions and mellow out. Banana kush can also be smoked whenever you are experiencing unexplained anxieties. A puff of this genetic strain and you soon will let go of those anxieties leaving you more focused, more relaxed, and more able to do the task at hand without the anxieties that often slow its sufferers down. If you want to get more interesting details about banana kush, you may go here visit this site.

Medicinal use

Banana kush’s medicinal use is the same as with all marijuana products. With a whole lot of psychiatric and psychological effects, all marijuana products, genetic strains, and variants, including Banana kush, can aid in the relaxation of the sufferers. It can also help with some autoimmune diseases symptoms. But the best medicinal use would probably be its ability to ease up mood disorders. Its relaxation and sedation effects prevent mood disorder sufferers, like bipolar and anxiety attacks, from having their mood swings occur frequently and their anxieties from popping up uncontrollably and inexplicably.

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